EpsilonPegasi work with customers around the world providing an integrated procurement service through the global acquisition of best-priced equipment, materials and services, delivered on time to a project requirement, leading to the overall success of project’s large and small.

Our significant experience in supporting customers through procurement services has provided customized solutions that meet our customer’s specific requirements and reduce costs and risks from day-to-day materials handling and long-lead items in complex engineering procurement services.

The right goods and services are delivered at the right place, time, quality and most beneficial costs as safely and sustainably. That sums up our strategic approach to procurement, which is supported by global reach, experienced and qualified professionals, proven systems, processes and know-how.

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with all stakeholders. Our consultative and strategic approach to customer requirements ensures we deliver best in class bespoke procurement solutions to all our customers.Procurement services include: