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Epsilon Pegasi Tech. Solution Nig. Limited

EPSILON PEGASI TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS NIGERIA LIMITED (EPTS) is a full- service consulting, engineering, construction and procurement company with professionals, potentials, universal reach and capital necessary to offer clients services that set new standards in quality, value, timeliness and cost-efficiency. All our projects are tackled with new and innovative ideas from around the world.

Our focus is to offer a broad array of professional service options in project management, engineering design, mechanical, electrical, and procurement services. We also offer a wide range of diving and survey services through our partner company OTDL.

With combined years of over 20 years in the business and several completed projects, with unique skills and flexible cost-effective solutions and responsiveness we have created a benchmark which sets us apart from the rest. We use established partnering principles that highlight communication and cooperation among all parties through teamwork, mutual respect and commitment to common goals.


We aspire for a leading national market position by delivering world-class project management and engineering consultancy services, reinforcing universal cooperate alliances and upholding higher value and ethical standards as the firm's strength of character of progressive growth. Customer satisfaction is very important for us, we will create a finished product that is enjoyable and profitable for all.


Providing tradition of excellence consultancy services exceeding our clients' expectations and recognized locally and abroad through:


Our primary focus of corporate social responsibility is building a better nation. Our business ensures that we leave a positive and lasting impact on people and the economy. Steps are taken to ensure that our organisation is aligned with the critical needs of or fast changing economic demand. Our national footprint allows us to move with the best technologies around the country to meet our clients' needs.


EPSILON PEGASI TECHNICAL SOLUTION NIGERIA LIMITED (EPTS) aims to achieve the highest standard of health and safety performance in all its products services and work activities within the organisation and through its undertakings for its employees, non-employees, clients and members of the public. EPTS accepts that health and safety is an integral part of the day to day working in our organisation which is essential to the overall business performance and to the success of all our projects.


Our leadership team is nationally based and fully equipped to manage the everevolving environment. We are a comprehensive, collaborative team with our finger on the pulse of the nation's economy and infrastructure dilemmas we face today. We have a commitment to Building a Better country and we want to take our clients along with us. Our leadership is able to provide a broad range of skills to address the aging infrastructures we face on a daily basis.

Our leadership has in depth experience in engineering, construction and consulting services, and has been carefully selected to form a balanced group of thought leaders who help find creative, cost-efficient and innovative solutions.

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